how we work

Subscription legal service: 

The subscription legal service includes permanent and constant legal services, which is shown in the daily service of the client's business - all legal activities which are significant for the normal conduct and future progress of the respective business. The subscription legal service also includes future planning of the client's business, its progress and structuring. The service includes oral and written consulting of the client as the Law Office fulfills all its engagements to the client in the shortest possible and reasonable time conformable to the other engagements, the urgency of the case, the legal and factual complexity of the case. The subscription services which the Law Office offers include tax planning during the constitution and planning of business or activity, during the establishing, merging, de-merging of particular companies as well as during particular transactions and other operations as rendering legal ways for reducing the taxes. 

Work over individual case: 

Out of the subscription legal service offered by the Law Office, the attorneys offer legal advices and assistance for individually independent case as individual transactions, establishing of companies, litigation, legal consultations and others. 

We are primarily specialized in consulting and litigation services in the sectors and industries below: 


  • construction entrepreneurship
  • electric power supply  
  • finance and crediting 
  • foodstuff, wine and tobacco industry insurance
  • import, servicing and maintenance of automobiles
  • outsourcing, project management, software development
  • print media and advertising
  • real estates
  • retail
  • telecommunication  

Karastoyanov, Mitkov & Associates Law Office has rendered legal services and consultations to state institutions in the following areas: litigation, participation in drafting of documents for public tenders; participation in negotiations with other public authorities and private organizations; consultations and legal assistance in drafting of proposals for changes in the applicable legislation; drafting of legal opinions and statements.