Commercial deals and contracts

The Law Office is rendering consultations and prepares different kinds of contracts which purpose is to protect the rights and interests of our clients: purchase and sale contracts, loan contracts, lease contracts, distribution contracts, leasing contracts, franchise contracts, commission contracts, consignment contracts, forwarding contracts, contracts for transportation, preparing of power of attorneys, preparations of different figures of conventional commercial representation (authorization of procurators, commercial representatives, commercial agents and jobbers). The Law Office has profound specialization in the area of preparation of contracts concerning transferring of real estates. The Law Office offers professional legal services and consultations in all stages of concluding of the deals as to prepare all the necessary documents and do all necessary checkings. The attorneys offer qualitative assistance from the negotiations to the final concluding of the deals. The attorneys from the Law Office render legal advices and assistance concerning security transactions as well as for the protection of the clients in relation with the unfair competition. Our experience is also focused on preparing of legal analysis, participating in negotiations, preparation and concluding of privatization deals and legal assistance for their fulfillment.