Company Law


The Law Office's activity in the area of the company law is directed to:

• Preparation of the constitutive documents and registration of natural person as merchant, companies, commercial subject unions - consortiums, holding structures and others;
• Registrations of branches, commercial representations and subsidiary corporations of foreign companies. 
• All the necessary registrations in the respective Bulgarian institutions;
• Registering of subsequent changes in the statute of the above mentioned commercial subjects;
• Transformation and re-organization of the companies (including acquisition of shares, mergers of companies); 
• Preparation of documents and assistance with the organization of General meetings and other important corporate meetings. 
• Preparation of provisional share certificates, equity participation certificates, keeping of registries of shareholders and Shareholder's registers; 
• Preparation and consultations on management assignment agreements with members of the management bodies of commercial companies; 
• Preparation of statutes, incorporation deeds and other company by-laws, consultations and carrying out of subsequent amendments; 
• Preparation of minutes of resolutions of General Meetings, Boards of Directors as well as their current maintenance; 
• Preparation of preliminary schemes and the necessary documents and assistance in the proceedings, related with any transformations of commercial companies /mergers and acquisitions/;
• Legal servicing related with liquidation and bankruptcy of commercial companies;
• Registration of Non-government organizations; 

The Law Office advises and assists the clients in their choice of type of company which will correspond exactly to the client's requirements. In the process of establishing and registration of the company the Law Office undertakes entirely with preparing of all necessary documents and observes the development of the procedures, as well as duly informs the clients about the currently appeared facts.