Real Estate


In the area of the real estates the Law Office provides legal advice to Bulgarian and foreign clients operating in the Bulgarian market. We work in both the public and private sectors, and always with a focus on giving the most precise and timely advice. 
The legal assistance provided includes structuring and drafting of contracts, preliminary contracts, final contracts, assistance in sale and purchase negotiations, drafting of documents, general legal advice in relation to disputes, lawsuits. The attornyes also have the financial and tax experience which is an important part of the real estate deals. The attorneys have also great experience in the fields of regulation and expropriation. Purchase, sale and management of commercial property demands a high degree of focus on the tax and duty-related issues involved. Some of the types of cases that we work with are concerning the income and profit taxation and VAT. In connection with recently running investment processes in Bulgaria the Law Office has great experience in the field of real estate deals and has assisted and rendered legal services with the preparation and finalization of lots of deals related to purchase of real estate property. 

The Law Office can offer comprehensive assistance to property owners, lessees, administrators and other parties concerned with lease and management of commercial property. Some of the types of cases that we work with are: 

• Negotiation and drafting of lease contracts
• Collection and eviction
• Administration and service contracts

In the area of the real estates the Law Office works with local and foreign construction companies and investors as well as renders legal advices to constructors and contractors for build up deals. The legal assistance includes, providing legal assistance in relation to tenders, negotiating contracts, and the performance of the contract and settlements under the contracts. In this area the Law Office renders full complex of services mainly to foreign clients. The Law Office works with real estate agencies and has proven experience in the preparation and performing of any deals with real estates, negotiating and representation of the client, investigating the legal status of a real estate, tax and other consultations concerning the real estate, receiving bank credits for the purchasing of real estates. The legal services include the whole process - from the negotiating and preparing of preliminary contracts for sale to the signing of the notary deeds and tax consultations.