Tax Law


The diverse transactions in the commercial life have often consequences relating to tax law that should be considered before rather than after the transaction. Together with the NOVACON team and the team of associated tax attorneys, with whom we work, the Law Office renders qualified assistance in the handling of complaints and, if necessary, in court. Our assistance includes: 

• choice of structure in connection with transformation, merger, de-merger and acquisition of enterprises;
• drafting and following-up complaints about tax decisions;
• litigation of the clients before the courts;
• value added tax and related issues;
• tax planning during the creation of a company or during the beginning of activity;
• tax planning during mergers of companies;
• registration under the Value added tax Act and Excise Act;
• corporate and individual taxation;
• indirect taxation;
• representation before the tax authorities;
• administrative and court appeal against irregular acts issued by the tax administration bodies;