Non-profit organizations

Karastoyanov, Mitkov & Associates Law Office has extensive experience in the field of the non-profit organizations, including such meant for socially useful activity. The Law Office participated in the establishment, re-structuring and termination of non-profit organizations developing activities in various fields of the society, such as policy, sport, encouraging and aid to the business, aid for members of the society in nonequivalent position, education and culture, etc. We offer professional services to our clients related to the entire structure and development of the legal entity, membership relations, system if the bodies, procedures for convoking of meetings, preparation of statutory rules and others. The Law Office offers services for transformation of the organization one type to another, for merger, de-merger, dividing as well as in the procedures of liquidation and bankruptcy. The Law Office prepares and organizes the submitting of all necessary documents, does all necessary activities concerning the different procedures concerning the legal entity.