accounting services

In the field of tax and accounting the Law office works in collaboration with tax & accounting consulting company NOVACON. Through our collaboration with NOVACON we offer our clients a complex services in the field of law as well as in the field of the tax and accounting, which can meet the needs of the entire development of their business.


Through our partnership with the tax and accounting consulting company NOVACON we can offer you comprehensive tax and accounting services related to all aspects of your business. 

NOVACON is specialized in rendering of consulting services to foreign and domestic investors in Bulgaria, including:

• overview of doing business in Bulgaria - financial and tax issues
• legal registration and servicing of a local business entity
• accounting & audit
• payroll and related services
• tax & corporate advisory

NOVACON team comprises of professionals in the field of corporate finance, investments, accountancy, tax legislation, social & health insurance legislation. As the core team works together for more than 10 years already, NOVACON specialists have considerable practical experience in solving complicated cases in the area of tax planning, avoidance of double taxation, project financing, legitimate tax optimization.


Contacts with NOVACON:


Bulgaria, Sofia 1606, 85-87 Eduard I. Totleben Blvd., fl. 3

tel.: +359 2 400 11 92, +359 888 743 121

fax: +359 2 952 11 88