About us

The laws and rules in business are becoming more and more sohpisticated. In this environment clients are looking for more than just a legal advice. They require clear professional guidance which is solution-oriented and contribute to their success. We are a Law Office which is dedicated to covering the needs of the business community for strategic advice on business law, operational legal assistance and litigation. Our activities are based on exceptional legal skills combined with efficiency and an understanding of how business works. Our aim is to provide efficient and focused assistance based on first class legal expertise, a practical and knowledgeable approach, relevant experience and integrity. The Law Office works under total confidentiality with the information gained at the time of working with clients as in this way protects their interests.

Karastoyanov, Mitkov & Associates Law Office does not divulge by no means the names of it's clients as well as the information of the cases, on which is authorized to work.


Karastoyanov, Mitkov & Associates Law Office is associated member of Hellenic Business Council in Bulgaria  - a non-profit organization which aims developing and strengthening of the ties between Bulgaria and Greece in the field of economic, business and culture.


Karastoyanov, Mitkov & Associates Law Office is a full member of the Bulgarian Swiss Chamber of Commerce. The Chamber is a non-profit organization, actively supported by the Swiss Embassy in Bulgaria.